Posted date: 19/December/2008

Never in the history had 14 lyricists contributed for the 12 songs in a film. ‘Holidayz’ Kannada cinema that went on the floor at Kalika Durgaparameshwari Temple in Vidyaranyapura achieves this distinction.


The music director Guruprasad from Kerala is having the toughest job in his studio to set the tunes for the lyrics of Yogaraj Bhat, Ramnarayan, Dr.Umesh, Pilikudelu, Hrudaya Shiva, Bidar Sarvesh, Hari Anand, Shalini, Shakthisri Zulo, Srivatsa Prahallad, A.M.Mahesh, Sam and Suchit. Out of the 12 songs five songs are in bits says Guruprasad who is in V3 Bank of music.

Director Hari Anand has worked with Rajiv and Shafi for Classmate and Chocolate in Malayalam is trying his luck in Kannada. He has written the story and screenplay from real life incident as stuff. It is about the mass communication students what they do in the holidays as they scatter. A lot of developments takes place and how they face it is the crux of this cinema.

Rajesh Krishna is in a special role with Ravindra, Akanksha Bhat, Bhavana Rao, Manasi, Rakshit Shetty, Raghu, Raviprakash, Amrutha Rao, Chetan, Nishik, Archana, Ananth Nag, Umasri and others.

The newcomers in this film are either software guys, appeared in ads, models etc. Producer Santosh Kumar is running a transport business with 40 plus Lorries has launched the film in the banner of ‘Sumukha’ that also happens to be the name of his Transport house. The talent in the youngsters and character narration of director Hari Anand is very nice he says.

The Simply Fun that works for various creative jobs has taken nine months to arrive at the selection of subject says Sam who heads the team. He has spotted the locations and finalized the dates for this film.

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