Posted date: 10/July/2009

Cyclone in Karnataka or Bangalore! Is it true? Even in Kannada films you cannot show it as cyclone but only as flood. Look at the education of film maker like Saiprakash and actor Shivanna. Both were saying we would capture the cyclone for the film ‘Devaru Kotta Thangi’ that is going to splash in the state. What they have to say is cyclone effect? The cyclone in Tamil Nadu would have impact in Karnataka – it rains here or the temperature goes down. Further when they said they wanted what cyclone shown in ‘Boothayyana Maga Ayyu’ they were wrong once again. In director Siddalingaiah’s ‘Bhoothayyana Maga Ayyu’ it was only a flood that was beautifully captured and that is something more than what is shown in ‘Titanic’ English cinema.

Idhen Guru Hingadre! The education is most important boss!


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