Posted date: 26 Sat, Jun 2021 01:57:43 PM
A talented writer, director and producer too Yethiraj has come to the occasion once again. This time Yethiraj picks the road accident that claimed national award winning actor Sanchari Vijay.

With scores of well-derived subjects this one from Yethiraj ‘Mind It’ is very touchingly described in the short film. It is a six minutes short film and 15th of Yethiraj so far from Kalavida Film Academy that is gaining popularity in youtube.

It is a happy family of Yethiraj, wife and a cute child. No work in the Corona Pandemic is a worry. For his talent producer Benkosri (BK Srinivas in real life also produced top films) and Paramesh director selected him. When Yethiraj with happy news of selection goes to select his cheque for a film performance he goes without a helmet. That is the hell of his life – he succumbs to a road accident. The helmet was missing on his head. This is exactly what happened in national award winning actor Sanchari Vijay life on June 12 night when he was coming in a motorcycle as pillion.

Nayana, BK Srinivas, director Paramesh, Baby Shruthi are part of this short film. Sonu Sagar handled cinematography and editing. Vinu Manasu and Maruthi Miraj composed music, Vasishta Simha lent the background voice at the end of the short film.

So ‘Mind it’ you find it on youtube!
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